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We were tasked with preserving the fundamental information about how to lead a Jane's Walk so that it could be shared online well after funding for live events expired.

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The founder of Super-Pharm, Leon Koffler, wanted to produce a video for the 40th anniversary of his company in Israel. He was inspired to continue the legacy of his father, Murray Koffler, who founded Shopper's Drug Mart. This video was played at the anniversary celebration for over 1200 Super-Pharm

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This is a Film I made about my grandfather posthumously. In the early 90s he and my father had returned to the battlegrounds in Italy where he had fought 50 years earlier during WW2. My father recorded their experience on a camcorder and later contracted me to mix some of t

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Well Leigh, you knocked that one out of the park!! After watching it twice, Grandpa said to Grandma…."how does it feel to be living with a movie star?” He also said he was glad to be alive long enough to recount some of these stories.

I was ingratiated by Dennis' presentation of my story. His interview was very professional, and the legacy video is a treasure that I and my entire family will enjoy forever. It was skillfully and professionally done. We were able to move smoothly through the interview proc

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I had previously thought of doing some legacy work with my parents as most people do. Working with Dennis made it all happen in the most amazing way. He brought their story to life using pictures I gathered, period pictures and appropriate music. We gave it to my parents at

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