Tell My Story Productions / How it Works

Our Four Step Process

We follow a five step process that will result in a professionally produced DVD that you will be able to keep as an heirloom item or be able to present at an event or occasion.

We can also be available at such an event to set up a presentation and make sure it goes smoothly.

Includes a free one hour consultation where the content and scope of your potential video project is discussed. Pricing, scheduling and other logistical details are considered and I advise on a course of action moving forward. Once you have decided to proceed with the project, a mutually agreed upon contract is drawn up and signed.

We meet at your place of residence or other place of your choosing to conduct pre-interview research where general questions are asked to the subject. Photo albums and other media are discussed and examined. The information gathered at this meeting helps inform the interview questions for the video shoot and the eventual storyline.

My crew and I travel to the subject’s place of residence or other chosen location to record a live interview. A 3 point light kit and 2 cinema cameras are brought to ensure a highly professional aesthetic is achieved. Interviews are typically conducted in 2 hour sessions and take up to 4 hours with set up and take down of equipment.

Once I have gathered the necessary interview footage, photos and other media assets, I weave them together along with a series of carefully selected music tracks to produce a masterful story of you or your loved one. Sound mixing and colour correction are applied as a final touch to ensure that your video is broadcast quality. Final videos are delivered to you as a link, media file or DVD.